Don’t Ever Purchase a Canon PowerShot SX100IS Electronic Digital camera

How much time will digital camera manufactures carry on  to maintain cranking out cameras while using the same flaws over and more than again? Apparently, simply a tiny little bit for a longer period. It’s like Canon and some others are asleep on the wheel. Purchasing a Canon PowerShot SX100IS Digital may be a disappointing proposition for many, unless of course they are educated of what the digicam can and can’t do. So, during the spirit of spreading the phrase, let us take a much better 2nd glimpse within the SX100IS, and see what’s in retailer for your standpoint purchaser.

The flash is set up just a little distinctive. To some this may be considered a bonus, but to some others absolutely nothing but a pain. In most place and shoots, the flash is usually stay and it is instantly useful for most indoor pics. For your SX100IS having said that, you have to manually pop up the flash right before taking an image. Canon is assuming that the person can come to a decision if the flash is necessary, versus allowing the digicam make your mind up. It truly is a error in my intellect. Most of the people purchasing place and shoots such as this Canon Powershot digicam, don’t want to acquire to assume just before every photograph about lights conditions. They simply want the picture. Usually, persons are most heading to neglect to pop the flash up, and finish up missing some wonderful shots.

And here’s one more surprise. Hope a four or five second hold off concerning using photos when the SX100IS flash recharges. Similar to each individual other place and shoot out there. I know this doesn’t take place inside the SLR digicam category, but I also don’t believe I ought to have to spend $600 as well as for getting that aspect. With all the amount of money customers have put in on digital cameras, the market actually needs to concentration their R&D on this problem. Expecting point and shoot digital camera users to obtain the perfect picture the first time is unreasonable. Even the pros aren’t that good.

For some artificial reason, Canon has decided to prevent zooming during video recording with all the SX100IS electronic camera. There’s seriously no good technical reason for doing this. It works fine on some of their more expensive cameras. It almost smells of deliberately crippling this PowerShot SX100IS for marketing reasons in an attempt to make the more expensive cameras enticing.